We have made a modern dealer platform and included everything that manages and expedites your online presence to grow your business faster.


Take a look at our sample sites here mahindrademosite and dealerdemosite.


We can work with you to provide a tailored dealer solution for your business needs.


It should increase sales.

Post your product offerings directly to eBay (online marketplace) and leverage millions of buyers across the world for your product. We are also offering pocket friendly sales accelerator packages that are targeted at increasing website traffic through Google Adwords We are serious about increasing your sales !

It should enable you to earn more.

The platform has a dedicated section, where the dealer can display and sell additional products. The platform offers you more choices to grow your business and income as per your requirements. Go ahead, if you are selling a Mahindra tractor, we encourage you to go ahead and sell a Vermeer too !


It should save time.

Responsive site set up – Dealer Digital provides superior solution by providing innovative and eye-catching web design. We can create, update and customize a modern, intuitive, dealer website for you in less than 48 hrs.

It should be interesting.

Dynamic rich content that provokes interest and condensed navigation. Optimized images that quickly scale to fit all screen sizes. Correct padding and spacing so that nothing feels too crowded or misaligned.


It should be exclusive.

Customized domain name – Leverage your brand from day one by having a memorable domain name. Have better exposure to search engines and get your personalized email . Build more trust in the eyes of your customers and people visiting your dealer website.

It should be very easy.

Easy to use dealer login and content editor – If you’re a hands-on kind of person, you’ll love taking a peek at the admin side of things, the simplified interface will allow updating necessary information: news, notices , images, videos without any technical knowledge !!


It should be awake all the time.

Hosting with 99.9% uptime – when a website is down, you may lose your customers , their trust and your reputation. We never let that happen, we make sure that your dealer website is up all year long 24×7.

It should keep track of people visiting.

Built in Google Analytics to measure and track – In built features like Google Analytics to analyze the impressions and clicks that your dealer website is receiving, the conversions that result from them, the demographics of the online users engaging with your website and much more.


It should be two way talk.

Live chat feature – Many online consumers want help from a live person while they are checking a dealer website; in fact most online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an ongoing purchase decision is one of the most important features a dealer website site can offer. We just made it easier for your customers to get hooked to your products and raise a query in case they want to enquire more…instantly !!

It should be effective.

Categorized and crisp display of products & inventory – The platform offers a detailed display of products being sold by the dealer in a captivating digital format, neatly divided into sections and sub sections, which is customizable as per requirement. The platform offers a unique “request a quote feature” which is useful for the user to query a product and get any additional information that he wants!!
1. Request a part feature – Enquire about any part that you want to purchase or enquire about its availability just by filling simple form.
2. Enquire about service – want to know when is your product due for service, we couldn’t make it simpler than filling a an online form on the platform.


It should catch attention.

Display current offers and discounts – A special dedicated section with rich media, to showcase news and discounts being offered to the users. The platform also provides the ability to offer two custom designs of your dealer website.

It should make calculation simpler.

Want to buy a product, trade an old one, with some down payment – we got all the calculation covered you so that you know how much to spend on the purchase.


It should check for creditworthiness.

We don’t want customers that default on payments. The platform enables an online credit application that can be filled by probable customer’s. An easy to fill online credit application will benefit the dealer and save time for the buyer. It easies customer profiling and reduces customer risk.

It should enable us to remember.

Don’t we want to remember everyone that shows interest in us? We enabled the same feature in our platform through easy Lead capture form. It is an easy form that will allow the visitors to provide you their contact information before leaving the website.


It should be easy to locate.

Get directions to the dealer shop with Google map plug-in right in the platform. No more confusion and no more address searches !

It should be safe.

We provide safe and secure web experience. Forget about your data or information being intercepted or misused online. No more hacks or threats, our platform enables trust and secure environment to engage.